PVC Free Policy - First for Screen Industry (23/1/2002)
BTPC has become the first screen printer to commit to a phasing out of PVC plastics. Commenting on the announcement Managing Director Mike Charlton said "greener alternatives to PVC plastics have been available for some time. The hurdle has been the significant extra cost. We will be offering our customers greener alternatives to traditional self adhesive and semi-rigid plastics but at no additional cost. Our first product introuction replaces self adhesive vinyl."

The policy announcement follows the lead being set by many companies world wide and reflects growing concern about the production and disposal of PVC. IKEA and LEGO were among the first companies to initiate a phase out and are now virtually PVC free. Within the UK the list of companies phasing out PVC includes Body Shop, Bradford & Bingley Building Society, Waitrose, Holland and Barrett and Lloyds Chemist.

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