Durst Rho 160 Has Arrived - First for UK Screen Industry (20/8/2002)
BTP Craftscreen has taken delivery of a computer to press flat sheet ink jet printer. The Durst Rho 160 prints directly onto standard uncoated roll and sheet materials and the output is outdoor durable without the need for a protective laminate. This is the first Rho 160 to be installed at a UK Screenprinter and clearly establishes the company as one of the country’s leading providers of digital print.

The Rho 160 prints onto virtually any flexible and rigid substrate like paper, corrugated and grey centred board, self adhesive and banner grade vinyl and fluted polypropylene in addition to many of the non standard materials used within the screen industry.

Managing Director Mike Charlton said “ The Rho 160 is about short run point of sale. Computer to print technology eliminates many of the time consuming and costly processes associated with screen print. It also challenges traditional wide format digital print by eliminating the need for special materials which then require laminating to achieve outdoor durability. Longer runs will continue to be produced using our screen presses.”

The Durst Rho 160 compliments the Company’s recent investment in a state of the art CAD/CAM system, with the work flowing from computer to press and from press to computer cutter. This represents an unbeatable combination of high quality printing, fast production speed, high flexibility and low cost consumables.

There are clearly advantages to the printer adopting this new technology. Mike Charlton also identified significant marketing advantages for BTP Craftscreen’s customers. “ Lower cost is clearly an advantage. Digital prints can be personalised more easily than screen printed material making it easy to run bespoke campaigns in specific stores. In addition, our digital work flow enables visual merchandisers to cost effectively test market P.O.P campaigns before committing to production runs.”

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